5 good reason to take out life cover in your 20’s or early 30’s

Taking out life cover when you’re fit and healthy makes a lot of sense

Being fit and healthy is a pretty sure-fire way of getting life assurance at the lowest rates. Many illnesses come on later in life, at that stage resulting in premium loadings or sometimes not being able to get life cover at all. So yes, you’re paying for cover for longer. But the cover you get is at the lowest rates available.

You’re younger, and so are your family

Following on from the point above, a very common reason for premium loadings for life cover is because of a poor family history in relation to health. The younger your family are when you take out your life cover, the better the chances of them having a clean bill of health too.

You’re not being regularly medically screened

As we all get on in years, we tend to become more aware and cautious in relation to our health. There’s a big industry out there in “Executive Health Checks”! While these are great and indeed show a level of responsibility on your part, they can also show up unwanted back news. This is important as you now can set about getting treatment for your ills. However any unwanted news must also be disclosed when seeking life assurance, resulting in higher premiums.  Not too many people get these checks done in their 20’s…

You have not yet taken up risky pursuits

Risky pursuits such as working in high risk areas of Africa and South America, or taking up flying as a past-time are exciting, but also expensive when it comes to life assurance. The risk of death increases, and so does the cost of life assurance as a result. So you’re better off getting your life assurance in place before you turn to such high risk activities.

Cover is cheaper for younger people

One of the big drivers of the price of life assurance is your age. Getting cover in place early secures these lower premiums.

So don’t be surprised when we recommend life assurance to you, even though you have most of your financial journey still ahead of you. It’s our job to make sure that you have the right financial products in place through every stage of life. We look forward to finding the right cover for you.